The Philippian system. Beyond the Koronus Expanse, an Imperial fleet found a system colonized and protected by he enigmatic Justice Men Chapter. It seems that this system was discovered long before, and settled by the colonizers of the relatively minor Philippian crusade. Although Imperial records say that the Philippian Crusade was devastated by a warp storm and lost to the darkness of space, here are its fruits before them.

It is a plentiful colony, progressive due to the guidance of the Space Marines and the remnant machine cults. It is a treasure trove of materials for tithes, filled with resources. The Imperium quickly reestablished their hierarchy and rule over the system, and now the Aquila has its place in a land beyond the Koronus Expanse.

However, all is not as it seems.
Many secrets were buried in the three planets, Lusong, Vizayaz and Min-Danaw. Secrets that caused the ‘failure’ of the first crusade. Enemies of the Imperium lurk in the stars nearby, waiting like hungry beasts for a perfect chance to strike. The space marines aren’t pleased either, from being usurped from their position as protectors and teachers of the fledgling Philippian peoples.

And now, all this has finally erupted into an all-out conflict for control of the system.

First, the Justice Men utterly destroyed the governor’s palace on the planet of Lusong, claiming he was too incompetent and detrimental for the safety of its people.

This occurred as soon as a massive Ork Waaagh engulfed all three planets, and continued on to ravage anything floating in Philippian space.

The Tyranid Hive Fleet “Estrada” (Named after the Magos who discovered its existence) splits off from a larger, yet unidentified hive fleet, and literally smashes its way into the system.

The Dark Forces of Chaos were presumably the ones behind the warp storm that plagued the initial crusades, and most probably caused the current warp storms that prevent effective entry into the system.

The Tau empire, a young and ambitious race, enter the fray from their nearby colony (of which the Imperials have no records) to claim the Philippian system and their resources for the Greater Good.

Then, the planetary governor of Vizayaz, Governor Hill, is assaulted by countless claims of various heresies like money laundering, and gross negligence.

In the barren flat lands of Lusong, the terrible secret of countless aeons finally shows itself. Rising from their ancient tombs, the Necrons seek to unmake everything as their Gods demand.

Finally, the Eldar suddenly revealed their presence in the war, activating long dormant portals and setting up positions on the three planets.

But all is not lost. The Inquisition has its eyes on this battlefield. They have gathered their forces, contacted their allies, and sent their best agents.

Let the reconquest begin.

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Reconquista - The Philippian Crusade

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