"I love gruel! And snow! Oh, and EDNA! Money? Also money. You got money on ya?" -Carter, describing himself in front of the Inquisitor when the latter asked him to do so.


Originally from Gunmetal City, where he once lived with his gunsmithing parents and his brother Quintos. Laughing stock of their community because of his ineptitude towards guns. Ran away from home after accidentally killing his brother with a poorly-aimed gun during a shooting-gallery-style practice started by their father. Lived in the streets as a pickpocket and gradually went insane due to the isolation and depression. Formed a bond with an imaginary friend named “Edna,” a discarded kitchen knife he found in the dumpsters while looking for loot. Murdered a shop owner “because Edna told me to do it.”

Eventually became involved with the Inquisition after an incident involving the assault and complete (albeit accidental) downfall of the gang of a local gang boss named Las Panther. Teamed up with a gunslinger named Rei, an assassin named Constantine, and a feral swordsman named Garou. Sent on a mission to discover the conspiracies behind LaFalco and Tyrheim with the team of Acolytes. Became a top member of the Black Commandos, an independent group located on the same planet, dealing mostly with weapons. Discovered Edna’s connection to the warp after repeatedly getting psychic assaults from an enemy psyker. Was able to tap hidden psychic powers through studying a forbidden tome.

On the last part of the mission on the planet, it was revealed that “Edna” was merely a representation of Carter’s hidden psychic abilities, which manifested completely right after Carter dealt a major psychic melee attack on the enemy daemon(?). Taken in by the Inquisitor “for supervision, as a clearly insane man such as him might pose danger to the masses if left alone to his own devices.” Now serves as an Interrogator under said Inquisitor.


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