Hannibal Craig

"For I beheld Horus as he FELL from TERRAAAA.... LIKE LIIIIIIGHTNIIIING!!!"


Techpriest who once served in the frontlines, setting up fortresses and fortifications in the heat of battle while dealing collateral damage to the enemy forces in the process.

Engineered the blueprints for “Babby’s First Weapons,” which are basically the standard Imperial Guard weapons modified to become easier to use by untrained hands. A prime example of this is “Babby’s First Grenade Launcher,” a more lightweight version with an aiming system that guides its handler on where to point the launcher itself to line up an accurate shot. This was used en masse by new recruits and veterans alike, due to its user-friendly system.

Fortified several prime locations for the Imperial Guard during the war, from simple turret defenses to full-fledged fortresses.

Died during the Tau invasion of Lusong, while defending the remnants of the Imperial Guardsmen from a Tau Drone Harbinger and its drones, which he successfully deactivated before his death.

Hannibal Craig

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